Saturday, December 13, 2008

Firefox going slow?

I have always been the culprit of keeping more than 10 tabs open in my Firefox. So, 200MB+ memory usage and slow behavior of firefox is something that I can simply not avoid. And Firefox memory management still has lots of scope improvement (Though it has improved tremendously from previous versions).
But 300MB+ memory usage? And 50% CPU usage?? And even filling a simple form got too slow.
Then I remembered reading quite a long while ago (Firefox 1.0 days) that some of the firefox extensions can be problematic and cause memory issues with firefox. I did install quite a few extensions so I decided to take a look.
Here is the Mozilla Page which list all the problematic extensions. In my case, it was Cooliris that was causing trouble. I disabled it, and my firefox is up working again.
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