Saturday, February 10, 2007

SEO for beginners !!

If you are new in website promotion and planning to optimize your site from Search Engines perspective, you might be confused on how to proceed!!

There are some basic things you ought to know:
What is Search Engine, How search engines works, Difference between major search engines like, Google & Yahoo!" etc.

Market studies suggests that Google is the most renowned search engine and having highest market share (approximately 40%) in online industry followed by Yahoo! & MSN respectively. Similarly, the parameters of SEO are different for each search engine. So, we should be very careful in taking the decision, where should we start from?

If your web site is new and you want to SEO it then you should start from MSN first followed with Yahoo! and then Google.

Although, there are some important factors which are common for SEO prespective of all the search engines, such as
  • Age Content
  • Keyword density
  • How it fares in the results
  • Site structure
  • Backlinks etc.
However, all search engines tuned these factors in different ways.

For a new website MSN is a good place to start, as it takes lesser time to rank your site. It is not much concerned about the age of the domain so, for new websites it is good. It is more concerned about the number of back links then the link authenticity, content of the sites etc. You can get back links with huge traffic from directory submission, article submission, press releases, participation in promotional link programs etc.

When you get better ranking in MSN then you should make efforts for Yahoo! SEO. It is more concerned about Site structure, keyword density, solid number of back links etc.

Till this point, we are done with our basics. Now in order to rank high in Google, we ought to be qualitative, as our ultimate objective is to rank high in Google.

As your site became quite aged till this point, so Google will automatically starts to give some weightage to your site. However, it is more concerned about the quality of the links, quality & relevance of the content, domain age etc. Here, you need to make good efforts to get quality links from value, more authenticate and relevant sites. Higher number of links from worthless or insignificant sites does not add value for Google SEO. Similarly, you need to be very much concerned about the good quality of the content and its relevancy with the title of the site. After completion of these important steps, you will see a substantial rise in your site ranking in all major search engines not one or two.

So, start optimizing your website now !!

But remember, SEO is an active, continuous but slow process. So, be patient.

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